Tinos Cruise

Join us now and explore the beautiful neighboring island of Tinos in your own private cruise boat!
Tinos Cruise - Private Boat Day Cruise Exploring Tinos beaches

Cruise description

Hop on board for a day excursion to the beautiful island of Tinos! 

Tinos island is a place with so many faces! Known as one of the most marble-rich islands of Greece, it is the homeland of Greece’s most famous sculptors!!! Art, tradition, gastronomy, and religion are incised deep in every aspect of this place!

Tinos is known among the Orthodox as a pilgrimage destination, because of the wonder-working icon of Virgin Mary found in the Church of Panagia Evangelistria in Tinos main town. You should not miss visiting this ornate church! At the same time, the vast majority of the island’s inhabitants are Catholics! What a peculiar contrast to kindle the search of the island’s rich history!

Local products (from beer to wild artichokes) are abundant in Tinos and so are the marble artifacts, the beautiful beaches, the surfers, the traditional villages decorated with the fascinating centuries-old pigeon houses, the hiking paths, the catholic and orthodox churches and, of course, the most welcoming islanders!

Join us for a day cruise to Tinos to discover all the above features…discover the island that is becoming the next big thing in the Cyclades!

Cruise duration 6-10 hours (Depending guests’ preference)
Maximum Capacity: 45 passengers


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