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Handmade and specially designed for the Cyclades!

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Liberty Sail Cruiser

Quarantine of Delos

The “Quarantine of Delos” cruise boat is perfect for those who wish to feel in tune with the authentic Greek culture and tradition and at the same time enjoy in the most beautiful way the natural beauties of the Aegean Sea.

This traditional handcrafted wooden boat is a Liberty style sail cruiser, built by the famous Mavrikos family on the island of Syros in 1995. It is a registered and distinguished member of the 60 certified heritage vessels of Greece and one of the most beautiful crafts made and fell in the sea.

With acute attention to esthetic and mechanical maintenance, the boat is powered by twin inboard 175 hp engines and also outfitted with sailing masts and rigging.

For day trips the “Quarantine of Delos” cruise boat is able to handle various group sizes, up to as many as 40 passengers with food and drink options on request.

Our handmade and specially designed for Cyclades weather cruise boats, are in accordance with strict safety regulations approved by the Greek Ministry of Shipping, and each of them is fully equipped with all modern safety equipment such as certified life jackets, lifeboats, visual /sound alert devises GPS system and an inflatable boat. Also as authorized by the local harbor authorities our boats have been declared safe and approved for sailing under all weather conditions due to their design, size, and overall stability.

Design: Liberty styled Karavoskaro
Length: 17 meters (56 feet)
Width: 5.5 meters (18 feet)
Max. capacity: 45 people
Safety capacity: 50 people
Cabins: 2
WC: 2
Shower: 2
CD player: 1
USB player: 1

A Piece of Handcrafted Heritage

Sophia Star

“Sophia Star” is a sea legend and one of the most trustworthy vessels that have been constructed in Greece.

Our beautiful “Sophia Star” is one of a kind traditional handcrafted boat – Listed as a Greek historical monument, measuring 31 meters in length and with a capacity of up to 150 passengers.

It can travel safely in all the Cyclades islands and can host any type of events, such as birthday & bachelor parties, corporate team building events, wedding ceremonies or just spend a great day in the sun, exploring the unique beauties of the Aegean sea!

It was originally built in 1955 as a fishing boat that would sail to the Mediterranean Sea, by one of the most famous shipbuilders of the 20th century, Mr. Psarros. After 40 years at sea, it was purchased by Macedonian Yachts in Thessaloniki where it began a two-year-long transformation of the boat, from a fishing boat to a passenger ship while retaining her traditional line.

In 2000 “Sophia Star” has been declared by the Greek Ministry of Culture as a Historic Monument, making it the only passenger ship in Greece to receive this honor (all boat types included).

In 2016, it was bought by Faroupos family and since then it operates as a daily cruise boat in Mykonos island, with an obligation to never change its “character”, as it is currently the oldest passenger ship in the Greek seas.

Today “Sophia Star” is fully modernized and equipped with all sorts of amenities and facilities in order to provide to all its guests a safe, pleasant and memorable cruising experience.

Design: One of a kind 
Length and width: 31 X 7 meters
Maximum capacity: 150 people
Safety equipment: 200 people
Overnight accommodation: 12 people
Interior Saloon: 50m2
Exterior Saloon: 65m2
Fully equipped kitchen: 1
Fully equipped bar: 1
Cabins: 6
WC: 9
Shower: 2
CD player: 1
USB player: 1
Engines: 2 x 420 HP